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所有 Apotherie 產品均採用獨特的手工製作。我們盡最大努力在您成功處理付款後的 1-3 個工作日(週一至週四)內發貨。您的包裹到達您的時間(除了履行時間)取決於您在結賬時選擇的運輸方式。

我們為超過 50 美元的國內訂單提供免費送貨服務,他們將使用 USPS 頭等運輸方式發送。如果您想更快收到包裹,您可以在結賬時選擇使用其他運輸方式付款。


任何運輸時間都包裹發貨後開始,最多可能是購買後 4 個工作日。








超過 99% 的時間,我們的包裹準時到達,沒有延誤。有時,包裹會在郵件中丟失,或者比預期晚到達。我們發貨後,您的聯繫人就是快遞員。 如果您對您的貨件有任何疑問,請致電 800-ASK-USPS 或 UPS 撥打 800-742-5877 與 USPS 聯繫,他們通常能夠找到包裹。

如果您使用 USPS First Class Mail 訂購,請注意沒有保險,如果包裹丟失,我們將不會更換。

如果您需要保險,請使用 USPS Priority Mail,它提供 50 美元或 100 美元的保險。請注意,包裹必須在提出索賠前延遲 15 天以上。保險索賠和 USPS 服務問題必須直接提交給 USPS。 Apotherie 無法代表 USPS 解決問題。



優惠券代碼和折扣代碼不是 符合退款條件,並且一旦下訂單就不能追溯應用。如果您希望收到我們偶爾包含優惠券代碼的時事通訊,您可以在 上註冊。  

wilderness adventures cancellation & refund policy

Our cancellation and refund policy is in place so that we can maintain sustainability of our business. We are a small family operated business that is run by 2 humans. A lot of work and energy goes on behind the scenes to make sure that each trip runs smoothly, safely, and with grace. We curate each event to meet the needs of each individual participant, and this is part of the investment. Our pricing is already at half the cost of all other guiding services in order to create further accessibility to wilderness and healing.

Our wilderness retreats operate rain or shine. California summers tend to be pretty sunny, but in the case that we do get a little rain, the clouds do pass through the sierras quite quickly.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • 85% of the total cost of your trip will be refunded if we are given 30 or more days’ notice prior to the trip start date. You may also take a nonrefundable credit of the full value paid in lieu of a refund.  This can be applied to any other trip.

  • If given less than 30 days’ notice, we will refund the cost of food budgeted for the trip.

  •  If we determine that a trip should be cancelled mid-way through the trip (for example, due to unhealthy smoke levels or governmental circumstances outside our control), we will provide a credit for the unused portion of the trip.

 You can look into some form of personal trip protection insurance to protect your investment.

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