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Image by Ian Liberry

Wilderness Retreat

AUG 7-10
eastern sierras, CA

Join us for a gorgeous trek into alpine regions of Payahuunadü (Eastern Sierras) and spend four days learning about elemental herbalism.

Learn how to apply herbal poultices, make infusions, and other remedies using dried and wildcrafted plant medicines. This is the perfect getaway for healers and healthcare professionals looking to expand their modalities into natural remedies.

At the same time, we'll ground into the vast granite space and glacial lakes behind the Big Pine area.

We are taking the trail less traveled for this one, so there will be less crowds but a little more of an uphill climb. It's going to be challenging but SO worth the work.

You're really going to love everything out here -- elderberry trees to angelica groves, sagebrush fields, and one of the last glaciers in California -- grab your spot today!

  • Wilderness Retreat
    2022年8月07日 下午4:00 [PDT] – 2022年8月10日 上午11:00 [PDT]
    Big Pine, Big Pine, CA, USA
    This is a 4 Day, 3 Night backpacking retreat. We will basecamp by a lake and explore in the backcountry. You will learn about the ecology and energy of the earth in a beautiful open space.


  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced

  • 4 Day 3 Night

  • Cost: $ Donation Based

  • Ratio: 2:1 (Hiker:Guide)

  • Group Size: 7 (Including Guides)

  • 2 Person Tent (shared)


  • Backpacking Gear

  • Bear Canister

  • Permits

  • Food


Meet Your Guides

Angela & Kevin

Holistic Healer & Herbalist / Earth Guide

12 Years of Wilderness Experience

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