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Join Apotherie outside for unique Wilderness Retreats

that develop your relationship to earth medicine.

Learn herbalism, practice energy healing, and expand your neurosensory network for grounded wellness.

Get rooted in the ancient healing wisdom of the earth.

Accessible pricing & payment plans available.

 Based in California.

24 Hour Backpacking Workshop

For folks that want to get familiar with backcountry adventuring! We offer 24 hour Backpacking 101 workshops throughout the season that cover the basics of hygiene, food, gear, and safety. We include a pre-trip online meeting to go over itinerary, expectations, and questions. This mini weekend adventure takes place on unceded land of Kizh/Tongva people, also known as the San Gabriel Mountains (Los Angeles). Meals & gear provided. We just completed our first season of backpacking clinics and can't be more stoked about the turn out! If you didn't get the chance to join us on these mini trips, no worries! You are more than capable of hopping on our multiday immersions!

What We Do

MultiDay Backcountry Immersions
(Donation Based)

Join us for a summer in the Sierras! These adventures are strenuous but rewarding. We will be hiking through the unceded land of the Paiute. This is donation based to further accessibility and diversity in the outdoors. Click through RSVP to see payment details for each trip. We will explore the spiritual-scientific intersections of ecology and immerse our selves in natural healing. Expect a pre-trip online orientation where we will cover backcountry basics and discuss participant expectations.

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We have THREE pricing options for our guided wilderness trips to allow for affordability in the realm of wilderness trips and spiritual retreats. You decide which pricing suits your current financial and healing situation.

Please keep in mind the work & material that goes into planning each adventure -- food cost, medical certifications, gear maintenance, permits, transportation, etc.


We offer lower prices as an act of community, Seva, and love for the land. We are not a non-profit but choose to operate with an abundant heart and full faith in this nature-based healing work. If the longer trips are currently out of reach for you, please consider joining us on our shorter New Moon: Backpacking 101 courses that occur throughout the year.

we make it easy for you to get wild.


  • Tent (2 person), backpack, sleeping bag & pad, cookware & fuel, utensils, water purifier, headlamp

  • Bear Canister for Food Safety

  • Breakfast, Lunch/Snack, Dinner

  • Guides with Wilderness First Responder/CPR Certification

  • Optional 1:1 Healing

  • Activities

  • Permits

  • Love


  • Transportation to pre-designated meeting point

  • Personal water bottle (large mouth) or water bladder

  • Can do attitude


Beginner Plus: You are generally active and have experience hiking. These trips have moderate elevation gain, although there will be some uphill. Higher elevation poses some challenge, but these will be quick and doable. You are new to backpacking and prefer something more mild.

Intermediate: You are generally active and enjoy blood pumping action. If you regularly do breath work, you'll be fine. There are graded elevation gains and steep areas that require perseverance and willingness to work for views. You are here for a slight challenge to get out of your usual comfort levels.

Intermediate/Advanced: You are prepared to be challenged. There will be moments where the uphill seems endless but know that you can stop for breaks at any time to catch your breath and a good view. Elevation gain is the baseline, but you're used to steadying your breath and don't mind discomfort.


All our big trips are 4 Day 3 Night, but every schedule is going to look slightly different. We recommend choosing the adventure with a focus that fits you! Whether it's learning about herbalism or being amongst magical friends under a full moon, we offer a variety of wilderness immersions for everyOne.

Cancellation policy

Since we're a small family-owned business, and this is truly our bread & buttah, we have a strict cancellation policy. A lot of time and investment goes into preparing a trip per person. We operate rain or shine, because what's nature without a little weather? We must receive a 30 days notice in order for you to receive a 85% refund. You can look into personal Trip Protection for travel insurance. Please familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy before booking.

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